The Hypno/Bioresonance Stop Smoking method

The smoking habit involves strong physical and psychological components requiring a multifaceted treatment to achieve a permanent lasting result. While most treatments only address physical cravings they do nothing to address the underlying psychological addiction and often result in short term success and relapse, strengthening a sense of helpless and an erroneous belief that the habit is unbreakable. The hypno/bioresonance method employs the awesome power of Hypnosis to conquer the psychological addiction and Bioresonance to neutralise the body’s physical cravings.


How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is a well studied proven method for altering behaviour at an unconscious level when administered in a clinical setting. This is not to be confused with stage or TV hypnosis which has little to do with the service of a trained professional clinical hypnotherapist. Perhaps you’ve even had hypnosis before in an attempt to stop smoking and have not yet experienced lasting success. While hypnosis can effect profound and lasting results on the mind, it is not always able to fully address the physical symptoms of withdrawal experienced by someone overcoming smoking addiction. That’s why the Hypno/bioresonance method uses a double barrel attack, employing the most advanced stop smoking  hypnotherapy techniques and utilising the incredible power of bioresonance to neutralise physical cravings.


How Bioresonance Works

Nicotine has an electromagnetic charge over your body, creating the desire to smoke. The energy pattern of nicotine is inverted by the bioresonance machine and passed to the body via electrodes producing an energetic phase cancellation. This means that the electromagnetic charge of the nicotine is reduced with inverted energy pattern, your body is now in “charge”.

The beauty of this treatment is you don’t feel a thing and because it’s combined with hypnosis to break the psychological habit you’ll even enjoy a relaxing experience.


The treatment not only breaks the charge nicotine holds in your body but also reduces the charge of tar and all toxins

If you want to give yourself a maximum chance of quitting smoking easily and permanently the combination of Bioresonance and Hypnotherapy is the best choice.

This treatment mostly requires only one session  and takes about 90 mins , and the cost of the nicotine treatment program is €257.00. This covers the initial treatment and also a 2nd session FREE if the client feels the need.


Remember smoking 20 cigarettes a day cost €3.000 a year


Bioresonance Therapy 90% Successful

Bioresonance non-invasive therapy has been used successfully in Germany and Poland and resulted in 90% of smokers stopping for good. It can completely wipe out the urge to smoke. Results showed that is 70% stopped after 1st treatment 90% after 2nd treatment.



Bioresonance eliminates all of the nicotine cravings while ,Hypnotherapy deal with psychological dependency and habits.


According to research published in New Scientist (Vol.136, issue 1845) hypnosis was proven to be one of the most successful quit smoking method where most techniques turned out to be hopeless. This study did not include combining Hypnosis and Bioresonance treatment.


Recorded success rate for smoking cessation


6% Willpower alone*

10% Nicotine products*

24% Acupuncture*

25% Aversion therapy*

29% Exercise and breathing therapy*

30% Suggestion hypnosis (listening to CD’s)*

60% Single Session of Hypnosis*

75% Single 20 minutes Bioresonance treatment

90% Two session of Bioresonance

95% Combination of Bioresonance and Hypnosis


* Success rate reported by New scientist, vol. 136, issue 1845, 31 October 1992.

Gerard Kelly uses only the most effective methods of Bioresonance and Hypnosis.